Complex Job-Shop Scheduling

  • Peter Brucker
  • Sigrid Knust
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This chapter is devoted to another important basic scheduling problem: the jobshop problem. This problem is a special case of the RCPSP where only disjunctive resources (machines) and special precedence constraints in form of chains are given. After giving a precise formulation of the job-shop problem in Section 4.1, solution algorithms are discussed. While Section 4.2 deals with heuristic methods, foundations for exact branch-and-bound algorithms are presented in Section 4.3. Afterwards, generalizations and applications of the job-shop problem are considered. In Section 4.4 the concepts of time-lags and blocking are introduced. Then, we consider job-shop problems with flexible machines in Section 4.5, job-shop problems with transport robots in Section 4.6 and job-shop problems with limited buffers in Section 4.7.


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