The Main Algorithm

  • András Némethi
  • Ágnes Szilárd
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The algorithm presented in this chapter provides 4 the plumbing representations of the 3-manifolds \( \partial{F},\,\,\partial_{1}{{F}}\,{\rm{and}}\,\partial_{2}{{F}},\) and the 5 multiplicity systems of the open book decomposition of \( \partial{F},\,{V}_{g}\) as well as the 6 generalized Milnor fibrations \( \partial{F},\, \backslash {V}_{g}\,\partial{1}{{F}}\,\backslash{V}_{g}{\rm\,{and}}\,\partial_{2}\,{{F}}\,{\rm{over}}\,{S}^1\,{\rm{induced \,by \, arg(g)\,=\, / |g|}}\)


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