Overview of the INEX 2010 Focused Relevance Feedback Track

  • Timothy Chappell
  • Shlomo Geva
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The INEX 2010 Focused Relevance Feedback track offered a refined approach to the evaluation of Focused Relevance Feedback algorithms through simulated exhaustive user feedback. As in traditional approaches we simulated a user-in-the loop by re-using the assessments of ad-hoc retrieval obtained from real users who assess focused ad-hoc retrieval submissions.

The evaluation was extended in several ways: the use of exhaustive relevance feedback over entire runs; the evaluation of focused retrieval where both the retrieval results and the feedback are focused; the evaluation was performed over a closed set of documents and complete focused assessments; the evaluation was performed over executable implementations of relevance feedback algorithms; and finally, the entire evaluation platform is reusable.

We present the evaluation methodology, its implementation, and experimental results obtained for nine submissions from three participating organisations.


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  • Timothy Chappell
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  • Shlomo Geva
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  1. 1.Queensland University of TechnologyAustralia

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