Green Nitride LEDs

  • Xian-An Cao
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 156)


The “green gap” is a major unsolved obstacle in current efforts to create high-efficiency solid-state solutions. The gap gets deeper at high injection currents, as green LEDs exhibit more pronounced efficiency droop than other visible LEDs. This chapter reviews recent advances in the development of high-brightness InGaN-based green LEDs on c-plane substrates as well as nonpolar and semipolar substrates. The influences of piezoelectric polarization and carrier localization effects on the LED performance are discussed. Recent work on efficiency droop in green LEDs is reviewed and a summary of the understanding of this problem is given.


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The author would like to thank his colleagues and collaborators: Dr. S. F. LeBoeuf, Dr. L. B. Rowland, Dr. W. Wang, Dr. C. H. Yan, and Dr. Y. Yang.


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