Statistical Decay Models

  • Hans J. Krappe
  • Krzysztof Pomorski
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If there are points on the fission path where the fissioning system can be reasonably assumed to be in statistical equilibrium with respect to all or almost all of its degrees of freedom, a number of observables can be predicted. Only the deformation energy and the level density at such equilibrium point must be given. In particular, one does not have to know collective transport parameters like the mass and friction tensors for collective motion since one must not know how the system has reached the equilibrium, provided the equilibrium is actually reached. There are two points along the fission path where the hypothesis of statistical equilibrium has been used: at the saddle point and at scission. In this chapter we shall describe the consequences of the statistical assumption at each of these two points.


Angular Momentum Excitation Energy Saddle Point Alpha Particle Level Density 
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