Imaging and Imaging-Guided Intervention of the Parathyroid Glands

  • Georg M. Bongartz
  • Augustinus L. Jacob
  • Sebastian Kos
  • Egbert U. Nitzsche
  • Mehmet Ö. Öksüz


Primary hyperparathyroidism (HPTH) is often diagnosed accidentally as asymptomatic disease, when hypercalcemia and elevated PTH level are observed based upon a laboratory test. However, if a more vigorous patient’s history is taken, non-specific symptoms such as tiredness and irritation are frequently observed. In the majority of patients presenting with HPTH, cortical bone density is reduced, especially if measured at the distal radius. In about 80% of patients, a benign solitary parathyroid adenoma (PA) represents the cause of disease. Fourteen percent of patients present with multiple adenomas, in 5% hereditary forms of HPTH appear causative. In about 1% of cases, a parathyroid carcinoma is finally diagnosed.

Today, surgical therapy is recommended for all symptomatic patients with HPTH. Moreover, it must be emphasized that the results of several studies indicate that surgery may subsequently improve cortical bone density and the quality of life in such patients even in cases with mild HPTH [1]. Regarding surgery, minimal invasive parathyroidectomy represents the therapy of choice in the majority of patients.


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