Minimally Invasive Techniques in Thyroid Surgery

  • Thomas Clerici


The standard access to the thyroid gland in thyroid surgery consists of a curvilinear incision of 5–10 cm in length usually situated 3–4 cm above the suprasternal notch. The incision is typically referred to as “Kocher’s incision” even though Kocher himself, in his famous speech in front of the German Surgical Society in 1883, described his incision type as being more of a Y-shape. Since its early days, Kocher’s incision has proved to be enormously successful, becoming the standard type of access for surgery of benign and malignant thyroid disease until the late 1990s. It allows for safe exposure and meticulous dissection of the thyroid gland and its surrounding structures, which in turn has produced an impressive reduction in perioperative morbidity during the last decades. Nowadays, thyroid surgery is considered to be safe with minimal morbidity and virtually no mortality in specialized hands.


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