Laboratory Modeling on Transformation of Large-Amplitude Internal Waves by Topographic Obstructions

  • N. Gorogedtska
  • V. Nikishov
  • K. Hutter
Part of the Advances in Geophysical and Environmental Mechanics and Mathematics book series (AGEM)


In this chapter, the results of laboratory investigations of the generation and propagation of large-amplitude solitary internal waves in two-layer systems with complex topography are presented. The influence of the shape and size of underwater obstacles and localized constrictions of the channel on the transformation, reflection, and fission of solitary waves is studied. Interaction of solitary wave with different types of slopes is analyzed.


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The authors thank their colleagues from IHM NASU: Dr. Oleksandr Stetsenko for fruitful discussions and for assisting with the experiments; we also thank Dr. Vitaliy Oleksiuk, Mr. Oleksiy Kulik, and Mr Sergey Pihur for help when conducting the experiments.

This research was supported by INTAS Grant No. 03-51-3728.


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