Parameterization and Welding of a Knotbox

  • Daniel Lordick
Conference paper


A climbing frame called a Krabbelknoten (approximately: crawl-through knot) with a sophisticated mathematical background and constructed from approximately 600 meters of stainless steel wire, was created for the Erlebnisland Mathematik Dresden. We present the process of form finding, the parametric transformation of the surface into a framework of wires, the preparation of the welding in a traditional locksmith’s workshop, the algorithmic layout of the supporting structure, the solution of a crucial point during the knot’s transportation and last but not least, the integration of safety precautions into the design.


Laser Cutter Stainless Steel Wire NURBS Surface Pipe Surface Algorithmic Layout 
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  • Daniel Lordick
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  1. 1.Institute of GeometryUniversity of Technology DresdenGermany

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