Visualization of the Technological Evolution of the DVD Business Ecosystem

  • Yan-Ru Li
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 381)


Business ecosystem presents a new perspective for repositioning the research and development portfolio with external linkage. The rapid evolution of technology has changed the ways of our resources allocation and investment. Technological evolution provides forecasting capability for the potential dominant paradigm. However the analysis of the technological evolution often has to rely on a lot of manpower. This paper would like to provide a rapid visualization of the fierce R&D competition. Previous studies have focused on patent indicators and classification systems, ignoring the diversification and path in the technology development. Therefore, this study proposes a process to illustrate the visualization of optical storage. Finally, this study provides the visualization of technological convergence and diversification.


Patent Data Patent Analysis Technological Convergence Business Ecosystem Technological Diversification 
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