Environmental Friendly Technology for Degradation of Dye Polluted Effluent of Textile Industries Using Newly Developed Photo Catalyst

  • R. B. Pachwarya


The treatment of azo dye polluted water is challenging for researchers and environmentalists. Azo dye polluted water is hazardous for living world. Degradation of these azo dye by recently developed environmental friendly photo catalyst Methylene Blue immobilized Resin Dowex-11 is cheaper and very good alternative to replace costly traditional treatment and less efficient technologies for industrial application. This catalyst has potential to degrade all dye molecules and we recover 99.99 % clean and transparent water from dark color textile effluent wastewater within few hour treatments by Methylene Blue immobilized Resin Dowex-11, photo catalyst. We use Sudan IV common name is Scarlet red as model dye for experimental purpose; this is Azo dye and used in textile industries. The size of catalyst particle is 20–50 mesh so it can filter easily. Activity of catalyst remains un-effected on continuous use.


Dissolve Oxygen Methylene Blue Photo Catalytic Degradation Advance Oxidation Process Catalyst Surface Area 
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  • R. B. Pachwarya
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  1. 1.Motilal Nehru CollegeUniversity of DelhiNew DelhiIndia

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