Fundamentals of Intermediate Band Solar Cells

  • Antonio Martí
  • Antonio Luque
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 165)


Intermediate band solar cells aim to exploit the energy of below bandgap energy photons. They are based on materials that are characterised by the existence of an additional electronic band (intermediate band) located in between the conduction and valence band. An optimised IBSC has near the same limiting efficiency potential (63.2%) than a triple junction solar cells but without requiring tunnel junctions to connect the single gap solar cells. This chapter reviews its fundamental theory and introduces the different approaches that are being followed towards its implementation: quantum dots, the insertion of suitable impurities into a semiconductor host at sufficiently high densities (bulk approach) and the molecular approaches.


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Authors acknowledge the financial support of the European Project IBPOWER (211640) to carry out their research on intermediate band solar cells.


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