The Change of Traditional Legal Concepts

  • Jinfan Zhang


As early as 2000 B.C., China had become the center of ancient eastern Asian civilization. With regard to legal culture, it is an important symbol of Chinese civilization as well as a basic constituent part of “Hua Xia” (an ancient name for China) culture. Like the history of Chinese civilization, the history of Chinese legal culture is also long-standing. It is the world’s greatest, with its extensive contents, vivid features, complicated mechanism and powerful vitality. Especially, in its long process of development, it was passed on from one generation to another, completely and systematically, without any interruption. As far as the interior of the formation of Chinese legal culture was concerned, the different ethnic groups in different regions were mutually influenced, mutually absorbed, and were gradually integrated and unified, however, as far as the exterior was concerned, it had created a system of its own, with the feature of conservativeness and independence imposed by agricultural economy and autocratic politics. Up to the middle of the nineteenth century, before the introduction of western capitalist legal culture, the intrinsic and intact feudal legal system and the patriarchal and ethical legal culture were still maintained.


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