Databases in High Energy Physics: A Critical Review

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This chapter traces the history of databases in High Energy Physics (HEP) over the past quarter century. It does not attempt to describe in detail all database applications, focusing primarily on their use related to physics data processing. In particular, the use of databases in the accelerator sector, as well as for administrative applications–extensively used by today’s large-scale collaborations–are only covered in passing.


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Numerous people have contributed to the story of Databases in HEP, including the many who worked on various aspects of the CERN Program Library and the ZEBRA, FATMEN and HEPDB packages. Members of the PASS and RD45 projects, together with the ROOT and POOL and related projects as well as all those who have contributed to database deployment at the various HEP sites throughout the years also played key roles in this story. Particular thanks are due to Harry Renshall for his careful reading of this and many other documents during the past 25 years, together with frequent guidance and mentoring. Finally, the “Grid Guys & Gals” (3G), working on the various middleware components and associated services, for deploying a host of database applications and in anticipation of the many years of LHC data taking to come. LHC data archive anyone?


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