Normal Phase of Polarised Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases

  • Alessio RecatiEmail author
  • Sandro Stringari
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 836)


The theory of the normal phase of strongly interacting polarized atomic Fermi gases at zero temperature is reviewed. We use the formalism of quasi-particles to build up the equation of state of the normal phase with the relevant parameters calculated via Monte-Carlo. The theory is used to discuss the phase diagram of polarized Fermi gases at unitarity. The Fermi liquid nature of these configurations is pointed out. The theory provides accurate predictions for many different quantities experimentally measured, like the Chandrasekhar–Clogston limit of critical polarization, the density profiles and the Radio-Frequency spectrum.


Normal Phase Single Impurity Momentum Relaxation Time Minority Component Collisionless Regime 
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We are indebted to F. Chevy, S. Giorgini, C. Pethick, L. P. Pitaevskii, C. Salomon, W. Zwerger and M. Zwierlein for very useful discussions. We acknowledge support by EuroQUAM Fermix program and by MIUR PRIN 2007.


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