HPPC 2010: Forth Workshop on Highly Parallel Processing on a Chip

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In response to the stagnant growth in conventional, single-processor performance increased on-chip parallelism is seen as a solution to the demands for high performance and power efficiency for general purpose, mainstream computing. While many general-purpose architectures with a moderate number of processing cores are already on the market, architectures with much more significant on-chip parallelism are generally expected, as is already seen for many special purpose processors. How the processing power of such many-core systems can be leveraged for general purpose computing is a most critical and completely open issue, as witnessed by the lack of convergence towards standard architecture and programming models. A major challenge for the coming years therefore is the design of highly parallel single-chip architectures that can support manageable programming abstractions to allow the mainstream programmer to take advantage of the processing power furthered by the technological developments.


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