A Proposal of Service Design Evaluation Method

  • Toshiki Yamaoka
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This paper describes service evaluation method After a structure of service are explained, the service design are shown concretely. A structure of service consists of 4 factors of environment, machine, customer and employee. The relationship of customer versus environment, machine, and service employee are defined. The structure of service design is constructed based on 5 factors: service organization system, service design concept, interaction between customers and service employees / machine, produced good service quality and increased service productivity. Finally the two service design evaluation methods based on above-mentioned service items are proposed. The one is evaluated from viewpoint of customer’s expectation and evaluation. The another one is the checklist consisted of seven questionnaires.


service design evaluation structure of service structure of service design 


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  • Toshiki Yamaoka
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  1. 1.Wakayama UniversityWakayamaJapan

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