Reliability Analysis in the Design Phase

  • Massimo Lazzaroni
  • Loredana Cristaldi
  • Lorenzo Peretto
  • Paola Rinaldi
  • Marcantonio Catelani


In this chapter the techniques used for describe the performance of devices in a system will be considered. To this aim it is important to consider the system as a combination of elementary devices that follow a well-defined functional structure. After a brief introduction, the reliability evaluation of series, parallel and mixed structures will be shown and discussed. To this aim, the concept of Reliability Block Diagram is also defined as a mandatory tool. The theory is developed using many practical examples. Parallel configuration is further developed in order to discuss the different type of redundancy for reliability growth: active, warm and standby. At the end of this chapter two different types of redundancy approaches are compared: system redundancy and component redundancy. The results so obtained are fundamental during the design phase of a system when reliability aspects have to be taken into account.


Reliability Analysis Design Phase System Reliability Mixed Structure System Redundancy 
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  • Massimo Lazzaroni
    • Loredana Cristaldi
      • Lorenzo Peretto
        • Paola Rinaldi
          • Marcantonio Catelani

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