This Health Technology Assessment (HTA) report was compiled on behalf of the Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office as part of the Complementary Medicine Evaluation Project (PEK) in order to evaluate the speciality homeopathy (alongside four other complementary medical methods: phytotherapy, neural therapy, anthroposophically extended medicine and traditional Chinese medicine – phytotherapy) for their efficacy, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness. Next to the primary study carried out by the PEK, the HTA report was to provide the basis for the decision whether statutory health insurance compensation should continue beyond 30 June 2006.


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  • Gudrun Bornhöft
    • 1
  • Peter F. Matthiessen
    • 2
  1. 1.Goslar
  2. 2.Zentrum für Integrative MedizinUniversität Witten/Herdecke gGmbHHerdecke

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