The Provider Rating Agreement Pattern for Solving the Provider Selection Problem

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In this article, it is presented the provider selection problem, a typical SOC problem related to the initial phase of selecting a provider. The article proposes to model one of the solutions to this problem as the Provider Rating Pattern, taking advantage of agreement patterns notion. Agreement patterns can be defined as design patterns at the agreement level and aim at providing reusable patterns which assist developers in multidisciplinary areas, such as Agent Technology and Service Oriented Computing. This article details the Provider Rating pattern, that is shown as an example of how agreement patterns can provide a common vocabulary and collect best practices in the different phases of agremeent fulfillment.


Multiagent System Service Composition Service Orient Architecture Service Selection Provider Selection 
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  1. 1.Centro para las Tecnologías Inteligentes de la Información y sus Aplicaciones (CETINIA)Universidad Rey Juan CarlosMostolesSpain
  2. 2.Departmento de Ingenería de Sistemas TelemáticosUniversidad Politécnica de MadridMadridSpain

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