Context-Based Event Processing Systems

  • Opher Etzion
  • Yonit Magid
  • Ella Rabinovich
  • Inna Skarbovsky
  • Nir Zolotorevsky
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 347)


The concept of context has recently emerged as one of the major abstractions in event processing modeling with presence in event processing products. In this chapter we discuss the notion of context as a first class citizen within event processing modeling, and discuss its implementation in event processing products and models that arise from the current state-of-the practice


Context context-aware computing context-driven architecture temporal processing spatial processing event processing modeling event processing products 


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  • Opher Etzion
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  • Yonit Magid
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  • Ella Rabinovich
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  • Inna Skarbovsky
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  • Nir Zolotorevsky
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