Data Analysis Techniques

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In the following sections the concepts and techniques used in the data analysis are illustrated. Section 4.1 shortly explains the calculation of charge and screening parameter by wave spectra analysis. The structural properties of the two-dimensional system, and the methods to obtain them are described in Sect. 4.2 starting with the defect analysis in Sect. 4.2.1. The long range translational and orientational order of the system are described by means of the pair- and bond-correlation functions in Sect. 4.2.2 and 4.2.3. A measure for local order is introduced in Sect. 4.2.4 with the bond order parameter which can be defined at each respective particle position within the lattice. The last Sect. 4.3 concludes this section with the statistical description of the dynamics of a system of particles with regard to distribution functions of displacements and velocities.


Lattice Site Sound Velocity Particle Temperature Pair Correlation Function Interparticle Distance 
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