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Laminar Flows in Channels and Pipes

Part of the Experimental Fluid Mechanics book series (FLUID, volume 1)


Fluid flow in pipes and ducts was a subject of numerous experimental and theoretical investigations performed during the last two centuries. Beginning from the seminal works of Hagen (1839) and Poiseuille (1840), a detailed data on flows of incompressible viscous fluids in pipes and ducts of different geometry was obtained. These results are presented in many review articles, monographs and textbooks. A comprehensive analysis of problems related to laminar and turbulent flows in pipes and ducts (the physical foundations of the theory and its mathematical formulation) can be found in such widely known books as Schlichting (1979), Landau and Lifshitz (1987), Loitsyanskii (1966) and Ward-Smith (1980).


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