Tribology of Metal-on-Metal Bearings

  • Jasper DanielEmail author
  • Amir Kamali


The first total hip replacement (THR) was designed and implanted by Philip Wiles in the early 1930s, in Middlesex Hospital, London. The records of Wiles’ cases were lost during the war but one patient was reported to still have the implant in situ 35 years later. Prior to Wiles’ total hip replacements, only hemi-arthroplasty operations were performed, where one arthritic surface in the hip joint is replaced. The results of hemi-arthroplasty operations were unsatisfactory. McKee who had trained with Wiles began to develop his own THRs, including various uncemented devices in the 1940s and 1950s. However, these early prototypes only provided initial pain relief and they soon failed due to loosening and mechanical failure. Later iterations of the THR employed bone cement for fixation.


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