Basin-Scale Gravity Waves in Circular and Elliptical Containers on the Rotating Earth

  • Kolumban HutterEmail author
  • Yongqi Wang
  • Irina P. Chubarenko
Part of the Advances in Geophysical and Environmental Mechanics and Mathematics book series (AGEM, volume 2)


We have learned so far that the oscillations in an incompressible fluid with free surface in a rotating container can arise as vorticity waves and as gravity waves. The former exist only because of the rotation of the container, the latter are ‘modulated’ by the rotation. On the f-plane, vorticity waves require depth variations to exist, whilst gravity dominated waves are driven by the deformation of the domain boundary, i.e. the deformation of the free surface and the pressure variations induced thereby as well as by the density variations throughout the fluid. Using the linearized equations of motion in the adiabatic and hydrostatic approximations for a Boussinesq fluid, it was shown in Chap. 11 that boundary affected gravity waves existed in straight channels with vertical side walls and constant depth as so-called Kelvin and Poincaré waves.


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