Selection of Case Studies

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As already mentioned, an empirical approach using case studies was considered necessary for the CIS Working Group on HMWB and AWB since there was hardly any experience of HMWB and AWB identification and designation in the Member States.


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    For the size characterisation, the definition of the WFD Annex II (1.2.1) System A for rivers has been used. According to this definition, a very large catchment equals >10 000 km2, large catchment equals 1000–10000 km2, medium catchment equals 100-1000 km2, and small catchment equals <100 km2.Google Scholar
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    The location of the HMWB case study areas in Fig. 3.1 is not represented with precision but should be considered as approximate. Most case study areas are more extended than the points on the map.Google Scholar
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    See Table 14.2 in the Annex for details on catchment size and length of the case study areas.Google Scholar

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