Definition of Good Ecological Potential

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As shown in the Heavily Modified and Artificial Water Bodies (HMWB and AWB) designation process (Fig. 2.1, p. 12), the establishment of Maximum Ecological Potential (MEP) is followed by the establishment of Good Ecological Potential (GEP) (Step 11 of Fig. 2.1). Good Ecological Potential (GEP) and good chemical status are the environmental objectives for AWB and HMWB, and they are to be achieved at the latest by December 2015 (Art. 4(1)(a)(iii)). GEP takes account of the constraints imposed by the effect of physical alterations upon a water body’s hydromorphology and consequently upon its biology. GEP is equivalent to achieving Good Ecological Status in unmodified water bodies once the impact of physical modifications necessary to support the use has been taken into account.


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