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A survey with more than 500 subjects is aimed to examine the desire of customers to customize different kinds of products. A trilingual questionnaire investigates the generic online buying preferences and, in detail, the personalization intention of the interviewed persons. The sample is well balanced with respect to sex and work activity, while slightly unbalanced towards the younger generations, which however represent the largest potential for a mass customization online business. The major results of the statistical analysis confirm the considerations of the previous chapters, indicating prices and availability as the main reasons for shopping online, and thus suggesting a price for customized products as close to the price of standardised products as possible. It also emphasizes the possible limit of delivery time, but shows at the same time that brand loyalty barriers can be broken in favour of personalization. While sex, being for sure a discriminating factor in Internet usage and online shopping, does not make any difference in personalisation's intention.


Survey Statistical analysis Brand loyalty Personalisation intention 


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