Ubiquitous Life Support Systems for an Ageing Society in Japan

  • Thomas Linner
  • Bernhard Ellmann
  • Thomas Bock


Japan is hit hardly by the consequences of demographic change. The awareness concerning this problem and the accompanying social and economic problems is high in Japan. In order to increase the development and distribution of new ICT and MST-based technologies and also to maintain an international leadership here, the Japanese government deliberately increases on the one hand the awareness of future problems, and promotes on the other hand particularly "ubiquitous" high-tech-systems to solve problems arising with the demographic change. The Paper is based on a study for the German BMBF in which about 100 Japanese assistance technologies, concepts and related business models had been analyzed and categorized.


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  • Thomas Linner
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  • Bernhard Ellmann
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  • Thomas Bock
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