Teleportation of a Quantum State of a Spatial Mode with a Single Massive Particle

  • Libby Heaney
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6519)


Mode entanglement exists naturally between regions of space in ultra-cold atomic gases. It has, however, been debated whether this type of entanglement is useful for quantum protocols. This is due to a particle number superselection rule that restricts the operations that can be performed on the modes. In this paper, we show how to exploit the mode entanglement of just a single particle for the teleportation of an unknown quantum state of a spatial mode. We detail how to overcome the superselection rule to create any initial quantum state and how to perform Bell state analysis on two of the modes. We show that two of the four Bell states can always be reliably distinguished, while the other two have to be grouped together due to an unsatisfied phase matching condition. The teleportation of an unknown state of a quantum mode thus only succeeds half of the time.


Mode entanglement quantum teleportation superselection rule 


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