Language Games on Security in Finland: Towards Changing Concepts of the State and National Survival

  • Vilho HarleEmail author
  • Sami Moisio
Part of the Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace book series (HSHES, volume 5)


‘Security’ is a contested concept covering an expanding area through conceptual widening (up to climate change, unemployment, poverty, etc.), conceptual deepening (from state-centred to common international and human security), and conceptual expansion to various sectors of social and economic life (energy, water, health, food, etc.). The so-called Copenhagen School opened up the concept of security by introducing ideas such as ‘societal security’ and ‘securitization’ as a particular type of ‘speech act’ (Austin 1975), suggesting that the logic of security may be introduced and accepted in many issue areas beyond military matters (Buzan 1991; Buzan/Wæver/de Wilde 1998; Williams 2003).


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