Semantic Technologies for Enterprise Cloud Management

  • Peter Haase
  • Tobias Mathäß
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Andreas Eberhart
  • Ulrich Walther
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6497)


Enterprise clouds apply the paradigm of cloud computing to enterprise IT infrastructures, with the goal of providing easy, flexible, and scalable access to both computing resources and IT services. Realizing the vision of the fully automated enterprise cloud involves addressing a range of technological challenges. In this paper, we focus on the challenges related to intelligent information management in enterprise clouds and discuss how semantic technologies can help to fulfill them. In particular, we address the topics of data integration, collaborative documentation and annotation and intelligent information access and analytics and present solutions that are implemented in the newest addition to our eCloudManager product suite: The Intelligence Edition.


Cloud Computing Virtual Machine Data Center Data Provider Semantic Technology 
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  • Peter Haase
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  • Tobias Mathäß
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  • Michael Schmidt
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  • Andreas Eberhart
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  • Ulrich Walther
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