A Short Communication - Meta Data and Semantics the Industry Interface: What Does the Food Industry Think Are Necessary Elements for Exchange?

  • Kathryn A. -M. Donnelly
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 108)


Information exchange in agriculture, fisheries and food production is now a very important area for development. Information is now often exchanged between machines making technology developments of utmost importance for the European Food Industry. It is essential that all areas of the food industry are fully involved in order to gain maximum benefit from the research. This short communication examines the research which has currently been carried out with regards to meta-data and industry standards and compares the various efforts and the industry opinions about these.


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  • Kathryn A. -M. Donnelly
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  1. 1.Norwegian Institute of Food Fisheries and Aquaculture Research - NofimaTromsøNorway

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