Introducing Kansas Lava

  • Andy Gill
  • Tristan Bull
  • Garrin Kimmell
  • Erik Perrins
  • Ed Komp
  • Brett Werling
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6041)


Kansas Lava is a domain specific language for hardware description. Though there have been a number of previous implementations of Lava, we have found the design space rich, with unexplored choices. We use a direct (Chalmers style) specification of circuits, and make significant use of Haskell overloading of standard classes, leading to concise circuit descriptions. Kansas Lava supports both simulation (inside GHCi), and execution via VHDL, by having a dual shallow and deep embedding inside our Signal type. We also have a lightweight sized-type mechanism, allowing for MATLAB style matrix based specifications to be directly expressed in Kansas Lava.


Clock Cycle Forward Error Correction Applicative Functor Sequential Circuit Memory Operation 
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  • Tristan Bull
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  • Garrin Kimmell
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  • Erik Perrins
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  • Ed Komp
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  • Brett Werling
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  1. 1.Information Technology and Telecommunication Center, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceThe University of KansasLawrenceUSA

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