Cuspidal Eta Products of Weight 1 for Level 12

  • Günter Köhler
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We devote two sections to the discussion of the large number of eta products of level 12 and weight 1. (See Table 24.1 at the beginning of Sect. 24.1.) In the first of these sections we deal with all the cuspidal eta products for Γ0(12) and, as an exception, also with the non-cuspidal ones for Γ(12). Results for this Fricke group are contained in the table at the end of (Kahl and Köhler in J. Math. Anal. Appl. 232:312–331, 1999), where, however, no details on the characters are communicated. In this subsection we will provide more details, and we will add results for real quadratic fields.


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