Design for Wire and Arc Additive Layer Manufacture

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Mehnen J., Ding J., Lockett H., Kazanas P. (2011) Design for Wire and Arc Additive Layer Manufacture. In: Bernard A. (eds) Global Product Development. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


Additive Layer Manufacture (ALM) is a technique whereby freeform structures are produced by building up material in layers. RUAM (Ready-to-Use Additive Layer Manufacturing) is an innovative concept for building large scale metal ready-to-use parts. The design for RUAM has several process steps: the geometric design of the parts taking the complex process behaviour of the arc welding process into account; FEM to predict temperature and stress distributions to minimise part distortions; and efficient robot tool path design. This paper covers these essential design steps from a technical as well as practical point of view.


KeywordsManufacturing Rapid product development Design for manufacture 

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