The Summary of Reconstruction Method for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Furnace

  • Xiaoxiao Wang
  • Xin Sun
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 98)


With the raising of the third session of the CPPCC national committee first proposal” promote the development of china’s law-carbon economy on the pro- postal”, the R&D and result. This article studies deeply and reconstructs cosmically the structure of the furnace, aiming at the energy saving method of the furnace’s energy saving application, in order to achieve the saving of fuel as could be under the temperature of material outputting and ensuring the safety. What has been discussed above still need more proofs during the practice, achieving the best result through various kinds of technic improvement and cooperation.


low-carbon economy furnace energy saving 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Xiaoxiao Wang
    • 1
  • Xin Sun
    • 2
  1. 1.School of Mechatronics Engineering and AutomationShanghai UniversityShanghaiP.R. China
  2. 2.Shanghai UniversityShanghaiP.R. China

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