Magnetic Ion–Carrier Interactions in Quantum Dots

Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 144)


In this theoretical chapter, cylindrically shaped quantum dots are the center of attention. It is shown that sp − d interaction does depend on exact position of the magnetic atoms in the dot and that the interaction strength changes when the dots are charged. Many body aspects of the carriers are, thus, of an importance for a discussion presented here. The dependence of sp − d interaction on location of Mn and on charge state of the dot is also shown to influence the indirect coupling between magnetic ions mediated by charge carriers.


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This work has been carried out in collaboration with M.Korkusinski, F. Qu, R. Abolfath, and J.I. Climente. Partial support from Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, QuantumWorks, and NRC-CNRS CRP is acknowledged.


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