Case Study of Software Product Line Engineering in Insurance Product

  • Jeong Ah Kim
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SPLE is a process to analyze a set of products and to identify the reusable components in the product family. And these components can be used for developing a new product in the product domain. Insurance sales system is software intensive system and the competitive power of software system determines the growth rate of business in insurance market. Sale system of insurance product is main target for improving their competition. Since the number of new insurance product is increasing and time-to-market is getting shorten, the needs for software product line engineering adoption is increased. As new insurance products are released, small-sized projects should be launched to add new software insurance products into existing information system. Since a software product module was implemented for each insurance product, there are so many redundant parts among the software insurance modules. Redundant codes make the problems in updating the already registered insurance products and make the cost of maintenance increasing. Software product line engineering can be the solution for redundancies in software systems and for reducing the cost of maintenance. To adopt the software product line to insurance sales system, 2 areas can be candidates (1) insurance sales system, (2) software insurance products. To smooth the adaptation, software insurance products is the first target for SPLE.


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