Fabrication of Micro and Nano Metallic Materials

  • Masumi SakaEmail author
  • Kazuhiko Sasagawa
Part of the Engineering Materials book series (ENG.MAT.)


Convenience of application and controllability are obvious requirements for engineering methodologies that are intended for use in the fabrication of micro and nano metallic materials. In order to meet these requirements, fabrication techniques based on atomic diffusion that utilize protective layers over the specimens have been trialed. Various EM-based approaches are introduced first. Attempts to collect metallic atoms by the utilization of temperature gradients in passivated specimens and by improvements to the structures of the specimens are discussed, and the fabrication of Al wires, spheres and belts with micro/nano sized dimensions are shown. In addition, the effect of the purity of the source materials on the fabrication and the effect of temperature on the selective production of various shapes of micro/nano materials are mentioned. Numerical simulations of formation of micro/nano materials are explained and are verified as being useful tools when investigating conditions for efficient fabrication. Next, some approaches are introduced that involve SM-based methods. The rapid and mass formation of Cu nanowires and the fabrication of Ag micro materials, which can be realized by covering the specimen with a protective layer, are described.


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M. S. wishes to express his thanks to X. Zhao for his kind help in preparing the manuscript.


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