Third International Workshop on Juris-Informatics

  • Seiichiro Sakurai
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The Third International Workshop on Juris-Informatics (JURISIN 2009) was held on Nov. 19-20, 2009 at Campus Innovation Center Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, with a support of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence in association with First JSAI International Symoposia on AI (JSAI-isAI 2009). This workshop was organized to study legal issues from the perspective of informatics. Law is one of the oldest practical applications of computer science. Though lots of legal reasoning systems have been developed thus far, they were not supported by the lawyers, or they didn’t have a positive impact on jurisprudence. One of the reasons is that legal reasoning mechanisms currently implemented are too simple from the lawyer’s viewpoint. Another reason is that legal reasoning has been studied mainly from the viewpoint of logical aspects, but it has not been studied so much from the viewpoint of natural language processing. If we can bring lawyers and informatics people and natural language processing people together, we can expect great advances in both informatics and jurisprudence by implementing legal reasoning systems clear to what lawyers expect.


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