Self-Assembly and Individual Appearance of Tetraphenylporphyrins on Ag(111)

  • Florian BuchnerEmail author
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The self-assembly of different tetraphenylporphyrins (x-TPP) with and/or without a central metal atom (x = 2H, Fe, Co) on Ag(111) was studied with STM at RT. The epitaxial growth of TPP from sub-monolayer coverage to the multilayer regime reveals that TPP molecules easily diffuse and self-assemble into highly ordered domains exhibiting surface chirality within. The three-fold rotation symmetry of the domains at sub-monolayer coverage indicates a registration to the substrate. It was found that independent of the composition of the monolayer (2HTPP, MTPP or mixed MTPP/2HTPP, M = Fe, Co) the same square arrangement of the molecules was observed. The orientation of the domains is determined by adsorbate-substrate interactions while the origin of the square packing is triggered by intermolecular “T-type” interactions. The square order occurs in two types of chiral domains. The multilayer consists of domains with a short-range square ordering and a decreased size of the unit cell, indicating non-flat adsorption geometry.


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