A Method of Evaluating Railway Signalling System Based on RAMS Concept

  • Shigeto Hiraguri
  • Koji Iwata
  • Ikuo Watanabe
Conference paper


Since the IEC 62278 (RAMS Standard) was published in 2002, its importance and impact to Japan have been conspicuous. On the contrary, various new train control systems based on information technology are under active development. Considering such situations, we assume that it is essential to establish an evaluation method to design railway signalling systems which have an excellent balance to the RAMS indicators at low costs. We propose a basic method to evaluate the performance of a signalling system by a cost indicator based on the concept of RAMS, and confirmed that the method can evaluate systems appropriately considering grade of the line, circumstances and other factors.


Railway Signalling RAMS Cost System Architecture Evaluation 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Railway Technical Research InstituteKokubunji-cityJapan

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