A Visual Tool for Rapid Integration of Enterprise Software Applications

  • Inbal Marhaim
  • Eli Mordechai
  • Claudio Bartolini
  • Ruth Bergman
  • Oren Ariel
  • Christopher Peltz
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Integrating software applications is a challenging, but often very necessary, activity for businesses to perform. Even when applications are designed to fit together, creating an integrated solution often requires a significant effort in terms of configuration, fine tuning or resolving deployment conflicts. This is often the case when the original applications have been designed in isolation. This paper presents a visual method allowing an application designer to quickly integrate two products, taking the output of a sequence of steps on the first product and using that as input of a sequence of steps on the second product. The tool achieves this by: (1) copying UI components from the underlying applications user interface; (2) capturing user interaction using recording technology, rather than by relying on the underlying data sources; and (3) exposing the important business transactions that the existing application enables as macros which can then be used to integrate products together.


Virtual Machine Business Process Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Resource Planning Application Integration 
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  • Inbal Marhaim
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  • Eli Mordechai
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  • Claudio Bartolini
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  • Ruth Bergman
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  • Oren Ariel
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  • Christopher Peltz
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