Green Architecture

Analysis of the Tendency of Green Architecture in France
  • Seung-Ho Lee
Conference paper
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Today, the environment has become a main subject in lots of science disciplines and the industrial development due to the global warming. This paper presents the analysis of the tendency of Green Architecture in France on the threes axes: Regulations and Approach for the Sustainable Architecture (Certificate and Standard), Renewable Materials (Green Materials) and Strategies (Equipments) of Sustainable Technology. The definition of ‘Green Architecture’ will be cited in the introduction and the question of the interdisciplinary for the technological development in ‘Green Architecture’ will be raised up in the conclusion.


Heat Pump Laminate Veneer Lumber Heat Pump System Masonry Unit Renewable Material 
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  • Seung-Ho Lee
    • 1
  1. 1.Architect DPLG / Civil Engineer / Master of ‘Materials for the Architecture’, Cabinet d’ArchitectureFrance

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