Evolutionary Approach of Virtual Communities of Practice: A Reflection within a Network of Spanish Rural Schools

  • Frédérique Frossard
  • Anna Trifonova
  • Mario Barajas Frutos
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 73)


The isolation of rural communities creates special necessities for teachers and students in rural schools. The present article describes “Rural Virtual School”, a Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) in which Spanish teachers of rural schools share learning resources and teaching methodologies through social software applications. The article arrives to an evolutionary model, in which the use of the social software tools evolves together with the needs and the activities of the VCoP through the different stages of its lifetime. Currently, the community has reached a high level of maturity and, in order to keep its momentum, the members intentionally use appropriate technologies specially designed to enhance rich innovative educational approaches, through which they collaboratively generate creative practices.


VCoP social software affordance appropriate technologies 


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  • Frédérique Frossard
    • 1
  • Anna Trifonova
    • 1
  • Mario Barajas Frutos
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  1. 1.DOE - Facultat de PedagogiaUniversity of BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain

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