Research and Design of Deployment Framework for Blade-Based Data Center

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For those outsourcing data centers hosting different applications or services, blade server is becoming the most popular solution. But the deployment of systems in such data centers will be a time-consuming and cumbersome task. Moreover, the service provided by the servers in data center changed frequently, which require a flexible service management system to reduce the burden of the system administrator. This paper presents the Bladmin (Blade Admin) system to provide dynamic, flexible and quick service and operation system deployment. It can build a Virtual Environment (VE) for each service. All the nodes in the VE serves for one certain kind of application and some nodes have to be shift from one VE to another to adopt the varying workloads. Experiment results demonstrate that system-level performance has been greatly improved and the running of one Paradigm job also show the efficiency of Bladmin framework.


blade server service deployment virtual environment 


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