Development and Fabrication of Linear and Multi-Axis Microactuators

  • S. Hansen
  • H. H. Gatzen
Part of the Microtechnology and MEMS book series (MEMS)


To create an xy-micro- or nanopositioner, three types of micromotors were evaluated: a linear variable-reluctance (VR) microstep motor, a linear hybrid microstep motor and a linear synchronous motor. The most apropriate drive scheme found for an xy-positioner was the linear VR microstep motor. By combining four of these systems with magnetic levitation devices, an xy-positioner with frictionless motion could be created. In two alternative versions, a pole-based xy-microactuator with a resolution of 500 nm and a tooth-based xy-nanoactuator with a resolution of 100 nm were designed. Both versions use a microstepping drive mode.


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  1. 1.Institute for Microtechnology (now: IMPT)Leibniz Universität HannoverHanoverGermany

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