e-Wedding Based on Multi-agent System

  • Kobkul Kularbphettong
  • Gareth Clayton
  • Phayung Meesad
Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 71)


Multi-agent system is continuously utilized in e-Business that want to improve responsiveness and efficiency of systems. In this paper, we propose multi-agent-system and various techniques that are Web service, ontology, and data mining techniques. The multi agent system, which constitutes the backbone of the framework, connects these pieces together and makes them perform properly. JADE is the MAS platform implemented this project. JADE is quite easy to learn and use. Moreover, it supports many agent approaches such as agent communication, protocol, behavior and ontology. This framework has been experimented and evaluated in the realization of a simple, but realistic, prototype of an e-Wedding system. The results, though still preliminary, are quite encouraging.


multi-agent system Web services ontology data mining techniques JADE e-Wedding 


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  • Kobkul Kularbphettong
  • Gareth Clayton
  • Phayung Meesad

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