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Formal Real-Time Model Transformations in MOMENT2

  • Conference paper

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNTCS,volume 6013)


This paper explains how the MOMENT2 formal model transformation framework has been extended to support the formal specification and analysis of real-time model-based systems. We provide a collection of built-in timed constructs for defining the timed behavior of model-based systems that are specified with in-place model transformations. In addition, we show how an existing model-based system can be extended with timed features in a non-intrusive way (i.e, without modifying the class diagram) by using in-place multi-domain model transformations supported in MOMENT2. We give a real-time rewrite formal semantics to real-time model transformations, and show how the models can be simulated and model checked using MOMENT2’s Maude-based analysis tools. In this way, MOMENT2 becomes a flexible, effective, automatic tool for specifying and verifying model-based real-time and embedded systems within the Eclipse Modeling Framework using graph transformation and rewriting logic techniques. We illustrate our approach on a simple round trip time protocol.


  • Model Transformation
  • Class Diagram
  • Round Trip Time
  • Graph Transformation
  • Linear Temporal Logic

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